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Mid-Atlantic Ag Consulting
MAAC RollOffs & Equine Services

In 2004, owner and company president Rob Baker decided to quit his full-time job and started Mid-Atlantic Ag Consulting, offering agronomic consulting services to local area farmers. This included soil testing as well as field scouting crops and pasture land. Rob then decided to incorporate Equine Pasture Management Services – to meet with farmers and land owners to evaluate and make recommendations on their pasture land.

Soon, he found there were few companies in the area able to complete the recommendations he provided, so Rob decided to purchase the necessary equipment and expand MAAC again. Now able to provide the support his consultations recommended, Rob offered services such as pasture overseeding, fertilization, liming, spraying for weeds, and more.

As business grew, Rob found another need in the area for manure removal services and bulk bedding delivery. To solve this issue and to provide more value to his customers, he purchased a fleet of roll-off trucks and expanded his business once again to incorporate Sawdust Delivery and Manure Removal.

Call Mid-Atlantic Ag Consulting for all your equine and pasture land needs. Our knowledge and equipment can be put to use in many ways to help you realize your dream. 

About Rob

Rob grew up and has lived on a farm his entire life. He is currently active in the family business, farming over 2,000 acres of land in northern Montgomery County/southern Frederick County. The family farm focuses on grain farming, hay for sale, as well as beef cattle.