Mid-Atlantic Ag Consulting offers a wide variety of agricultural alternatives to managing your land in a healthy and economical manner. Our services include:

Manure Removal Services

If you have livestock, you’re going to have manure. Mid-Atlantic Ag Consulting offers manure removal services for your farm and pastures. Choose one of our easy manure pick-up methods:

  1. We deliver an empty roll-off to your land. Fill it up and give us a call. We’ll come by and swap it out for another empty roll-off.
  2. Have a manure pile to get rid of? Contact us and we’ll come out to your farm and take it away!

Call us today to inquire about prices for our manure removal services.

Pasture Management & Consultations

Looking to make your horse pasture perfect? Call us today for a professional consultation specializing in equine pasture management! We can make recommendations on:

  • Pasture Overseeding
  • Soil Testing
  • Weed Identification (and Best Management Practices)
  • Improvements to Soil Fertility
  • Nutrient Management Plans Available
  • Enhancing the Overall Appearance

Gravel Driveway Repair

Is your gravel driveway full of potholes, ruts, or muddy patches? Give us a call and we’ll come out and refresh your gravel driveway to look like new. Our gravel driveway service includes:

  • Delivery of bulk gravel fill
  • Pothole fill-ins
  • Light regrading, leveling, and refinishing

Sawdust Delivery

Mid-Atlantic Ag Consulting offers bulk sawdust delivery for pasture animal bedding. We offer clean, quality, double-screened, 100% pine sawdust for barn stalls and equine bedding areas.

Absorbent and easy -to-clean, sawdust bedding is perfect for your livestock bedding needs. We can deliver up to 18 cubic yards of sawdust in one delivery.


We offer roll-off services for manure removal and other agricultural needs. Please call us to inquire about other types of uses for our roll-offs.